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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file – it’s saved onto your computer or other device when you visit our website.

Cookies store small pieces of information. For example, - they will remember you've visited our site or performed a certain action.

We use cookies to help us improve your experience when you visit our website. For example, a cookie might store information so you don't have to keep entering it.

Cookies also let us know which pages of our site you visited; we use the information gathered from them to help us develop and market our products and services.

  • Persistent cookies - these stay valid, and will work until their expiry date (unless you delete them before they expire)
  • Session cookies - these expire when you close your web browser

Why we use cookies

We use cookie information to find out how our website is being used and we may use them to tailor your online journey.

We don’t collect any information that can identify you personally.

How we use this information

We can learn which pages are being viewed and how many visitors are using the different sections of the site. This information helps us understand how useful the site is to our visitors, and how we can keep improving. We may also use information about your browsing activity to tailor your online journey and content.

We use session cookies for some secure online customer services. These cookies let us make the login process easier and more secure. We might also use a session cookie to pre-populate your details on one of our online forms.

Cookies we use

These are the main cookies we use, and why we use them.

Essential cookies

These cookies make sure our website delivers information and services securely. Without them, you wouldn't be able to move around our website or use its features. You can’t opt out of using these cookies.

By using this website you are agreeing to our use of essential cookies.

Cookie name Purpose Expires
Cell Name Lets us balance load across our servers After a short time or when you close your browser
Cookies Detects the use of cookies After a short time or when you close your browser
LtpaToken2 Lets us provide secure access to our online servicing area After a short time or when you close your browser
JSESSIONID Remembers what you entered into a form After a short time or when you close your browser
SLG_COOKIE_POLICY Records whether or not you have accepted the use of cookies on our site 2 years
ASM Cookie (TSxxxxxx) Secure customer data and prevent malicious attacks When browser session ends
ASM Frame Cookie (TSxxxxxx_d)

Performance analytics cookies

We use cookies from Dynatrace in order to help us understand how fast our site is performing for each user and to detect any errors that might occur. This helps us improve the website and ensure it operates as effectively and efficiently as it can.

The data captured is purely anonymous, capturing performance and error related data only.

It is not possible for us to turn these cookies off via the Opt-out method described below. If you don’t want to manage these cookies, refer to your browser’s help section or visit the aboutcookies website.

Cookie name Purpose Expires
dtCookie Collect performance information for Dynatrace, a system to track application performance and errors When browser session ends
dtLatC When browser session ends
dtPC When browser session ends
rxVisitor, When browser session ends
rxlatency When browser session ends
rxpc, When browser session ends
rxsession After 2 years
rxvt When browser session ends

Anonymous analytics cookies

We use analytics tools provided by Google

These help us measure how our websites are used. They tell us which pages are being viewed and how many visitors are interacting with the website.

We use website analytics tools provided by Google. Google cookies track the number of unique users of the site, but they don’t allow us to identify any individuals.

You can find more information about the data collected on the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Cookie name Purpose Expires
dc_gtm_ Google Tag Manager. Used to manage all scripts on the website. After 10 minutes
_ga Tracking cookie for analytics.js. Used to distinguish users. 2 years
_gat_UA Tracking cookie for analytics.js. Used to throttle request rate. After 10 minutes

Sponsored search and sales confirmation


If you click through to a Standard Life page from a sponsored search term or aggregator site, DoubleClick from Google records this.

We use the information to improve our advertising and learn about visitor behaviour - for example, what kind of content is useful and whether sales are made. We don’t collect information which could personally identify you.

Google publishes detailed information about DoubleClick and other online advertising technologies, their privacy practices and how to prevent companies from sending and reading cookies on your computer. Visit the Google privacy website.

Advertising and sharing

Our third party cookies do not collect any information or details which affect the content you see on this Standard Life website. These cookies can’t personally identify you.

Online adverts

Standard Life may use third-party advertising companies to place advertisements about our products and services on other websites. The advertising companies may use cookies to measure advertising effectiveness, optimise advert placement and tailor online adverts based on your online interactions with Standard Life, content partners and online adverts. At no point are any details collected that could personally identify you.

On a typical online advertising banner you can click the industry standard AdChoices 'I' icon. This will give you more information about online adverts and tell you how to change your settings. Visit AdChoices for more information.

Online sharing using AddThis

Cookies may be used by our online sharing tool AddThis. This tool appears on a number of webpages from Standard Life. It lets visitors share our information, tools, and other content with social networks and other sites. AddThis uses information in cookies to tell people where you have come from so it can provide profile updates or links to pages of interest. The information collected does not store any details which could personally identify you.

You can change your cookie settings for AddThis from the AdChoices "I" icon within the AddThis tool anywhere online, or visit the AddThis opt-out page.

Cookie name Purpose Expires
__atuvc Supporting online sharing tool AddThis Two years
psc Two years
uid Two years
uit One day
uvc Two years

Changing your cookie settings

When you opt-out of using cookies on this site and after you refresh or move away from this page, we will stop setting or using the analytics and other non-essential cookies described.

Your cookie settings on this site

You choose to accept cookies.  You can change this below.

Please confirm your change. After you move away from or refresh this page your settings will be saved. You can change your cookies settings or disable cookies at any time.

How to disable cookies that have been set

You can change your Standard Life cookie settings using our preference tool.

You can completely disable and remove the cookies if your browser supports this.

Remember, if you amend your cookie settings, your browsing experience may change for the worse. For example, if you completely disable cookies, you would not be able to login to use our secure online services.

To check and update your cookies settings, you will need to know what browser you are using and what version you have. You can usually find this out by opening the browser, then clicking on 'Help' and then 'About'. This will give you information about the browser version you are using.

To manage your cookies, refer to your browser’s help section or visit the aboutcookies website.

More information

Changes to this policy

We occasionally update our cookie policy. You should visit this page periodically if you want to keep yourself informed. Last updated on 1 December 2015.

Contact Information

We welcome your comments about this policy. Email us at

Fund Centre - Essential Cookies

By using Fund Centre you consent to the collection of cookies.

Cookie name
__cfduid Set by the CloudFlare for site security operation to identify trusted web traffic. For more information about CloudFlare, visit Cloudflare 1 year

Fund Centre - Anonymous Analytics Cookies

Cookies collected by Financial Express on Fund Centre include Google Analytics cookies, which are used to help Standard Life measure how you interact with this tool and record information about what pages and links you have clicked on. All cookies collected are anonymous. To disable Google Analytics cookies on Fund Centre, visit Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Cookie name
_ga Used to distinguish users on Fund Centre 2 years
_gat Used to throttle requests on Fund Centre 10 minutes